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Tips for Shoestring Start-ups

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Tired Of Filling Your Trash Cans With Paper At The Office? Get Commercial Recycling Containers

If your office space is always burdened by overflowing papers and garbage cans, it's time to talk with a recycling center about getting some commercial recycling containers dropped off. The service should also be able to pick them up on a regular basis.

Recycling isn't just a cost-efficient way to get rid of the waste that your business produces weekly but is also ecologically responsible. Here are a few things that you need to have at the office to deal with the recyclables.

Recycling Boxes Inside

Put recycling boxes around the facility. This makes it easy for staff to find places to recycle paper, water bottles, carboard, and other items used daily in the workspace. This will help eliminate the amount that goes into the trash and lower the cost of trash services or the size of the dumpster that you will need outside the building.

Paper Shredders

Conserving space in the recycling boxes is easy when you have readily available paper shredders that can be used. The paper shredder provides a fast and easy way to condense large stacks of paper into small amounts. You can get these for individual office spaces or get large units that do stacks at a time.

Outdoor Recycling Bins

If your staff is dumping trash when they walk in and out of the building from the office all day, or from their cars, your outdoor garbage cans are probably overflowing. Get outdoor recycling bins that are weighted down or can be drilled into the concrete or parking lot. This way you don't have to worry about the bins moving around. Semi-permanent recycling bins for outside can be picked up with the rest of the recycling.

Get a full list from the service provider who will be picking up all the recycling bins. You want to know what different types of paper products and plastic bottles they will accept, and the potential for other items like glass.

If you are currently mixing the trash with paper and your other waste, you don't have to keep paying for a large dumpster or need to have the dumpster picked up multiple times throughout the week. Instead, get the proper recycling bins put into place so you are able to have a separate area to put the recyclable items, and start getting rid of all the paper products you have responsibly. 

For more info about commercial recycling containers, contact a local company.