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Tips for Shoestring Start-ups

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Buying A New Well Pump? How To Estimate Its Expected Lifespan

When it comes to residential well pumps, submersible pumps are one of the most popular. If you're installing a submersible pump in your well and you're trying to determine how long you can expect it to last, it's important that you think about the environment and some of the key factors that affect your submersible pump's lifespan. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when you're estimating how long that pump will last in your well.

How Is Your Well Water?

You should test your well water once your well is established. This is important because the condition of the water will have a direct effect on how long your well pump lasts. Hard water, which is water with a high mineral content, will shorten the lifespan of your well pump because of mineral deposits that can affect the internal components of the pump. This can also be a problem for wells that have a lot of sand particles or other debris in the well because those particles can get drawn into the pump and cause damage over time.

How Is Your Home's Electrical Grid?

Another thing that you need to think about is the power supply to the well pump. If your home's power grid is notoriously intermittent or you struggle with power surge issues, that's a concern for your well pump. The pump needs to have consistent, reliable power for it to run at its best. When the electrical supply fluctuates and surges, this can shorten the pump's lifespan because it damages the circuitry of the pump. If you aren't sure about your home's power supply, you can have it tested with a current monitor that tells you how the power flows throughout your home's electrical circuit.

What Type Of Pump Are You Buying?

One thing that many people don't think about is that, when it comes to well pumps, you get what you pay for. That leaves many people struggling with a well pump that dies prematurely because they tried to cut costs on their well installation by opting for a cheaper pump. Talk with your well pump installation contractor about the potential options for pumps, and balance the price with the anticipated lifespan, warranty offerings, and other crucial information. That way, you get a pump that fits your budget but also fits your future plans, too.

These are some of the most important things to think about when you're trying to decide on a new well pump and want to estimate how long it will last. Talk with a well pump technician today for more help.

For more information on residential water well pumps, contact a company near you.