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Tips for Shoestring Start-ups

Starting a business is one of the most rewarding paths to financial independence. Being your own boss provides you with unparalleled freedom to pursue your passions and make your own way in the world. Sadly, many people never take the leap because they have convinced themselves that launching a business is prohibitively expensive. While we would never say that entrepreneurship is easy or cheap, it can be done on a shoestring budget! The tips and tricks that we provide on this site will prepare you to embark on your entrepreneurial journey no matter how large (or small) your budget. Keep reading to discover the knowledge you need to enter this exciting new world.


How Can You Fix Those Missing Teeth?

Are you tired of that one, open space in your mouth when you smile? Do you constantly see pictures of yourself with a closed-mouth smile because you have gaps in your smile? Addressing missing teeth is now much more common than it was even twenty years ago and can give you back your full set of teeth.

How Has Dental Implant Use Increased?

Before 2000, the number of people who elected to have dental implants was extremely low, less than 1%. A recent study analyzed the usage over an almost twenty year period and found that, between 1999 and 2016, dental implant usage has increased from 0.7% in 1999 to 5.7% in 2016. Adoption of dental implants in the future could be as high as 23% by 2026.

What Types of Implants Are Available?

The flexibility of dental implants has also increased since 1999, with more options to address bone loss, narrow jaws, or an immediate need to have a temporary implant. The two basic types of implants are:

  • Endosteal Implants – these are small, titanium screws that are attached into the jawbone so the replacement teeth can be attached firmly to the jaw.
  • Subperiosteal Implants – these are implants that are used when there is insufficient bone to attach an endosteal implant; they are inserted above the jawbone but under the gum.

What if Your Jawbone Can't Tolerate an Implant?

There are many people who have avoided addressing their missing teeth because they have issues with their jawbone. If there is insufficient bone to use for attaching the implant, a traditional endosteal implant can't be used. Luckily, there are other alternatives that can build up the bone that involve:

  • Bone Grafting– in cases where there is insufficient bone, additional bone can be grafted onto the jawbone.
  • Implant Bridge – with a bridge, multiple teeth are being replaced, in a row, with attachment points both to the jawbone and adjacent teeth. Using the teeth can help to address limited bone availability in the jaw.
  • Ridge Expansion – this is done when your jaw has insufficient width; instead of attaching to the jaw, a ridge of bone is implanted along the top of the jaw so implants can be attached.

What if You Need the Gap Filled Immediately?

Sometimes, you may have a pressing need to fill the gaps as soon as possible. There are temporary implants that can be attached the same day as your fitting visit. Remember that these aren't permanent, so they will be replaced as soon as the final implants are ready. The temporary ones are a great alternative to having a gap for a critical job interview, family gathering, or other special event.