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Tips for Shoestring Start-ups

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Important Steps To Remember When Having A Commercial Inspection Performed

If your business simply does not have enough space, it might be time for you to purchase more commercial space. However, without help from talented commercial inspectors, you'll likely spend money unnecessarily on your property. 

Beware of Properties That Require Too Many Expensive Repairs

One of the common mistakes that commercial property owners make is that they purchase a property that forces them to spend too much money on repairs. You do not want to be forced to make repairs that will not lead to additional revenue. 

Know How Much a Commercial Inspection Will Cost

A commercial property inspection is not very expensive. There are several factors that affect the cost of having a commercial property inspection. This includes the scope of the inspection being performed, the age and type of building that is being inspected and the location. The more information that you provide to the building inspector, the easier that it will be for him or her to provide an accurate quote. 

Start the Commercial Inspection Process Early

You will want to have the commercial property inspected before you close on the property. You'll want to know everything that can go wrong with your property. 

Know What to Expect from a Commercial Inspection

Make sure to know what to expect from a commercial inspection. The inspector will perform a walk-through survey in which the inspector will examine the property's physical condition. The inspector will assess critical systems and components. Depending on how large the property is, the inspector will use specialty consultants to provide expertise on certain areas such as plumbing.

In addition to inspecting the property, the commercial inspection service also provides the valuable service of going over the documents related to the commercial property. This includes any service contracts, repair invoices, safety or fire code violations and maintenance records. The inspection service is responsible for interviewing whomever should have the greatest understanding of the building.

Ask for the Written Report

Ask to see the written report. The commercial inspection service will produce a written report. The report will contain details from the walkthrough, statements made during the interview and any documents obtained. You'll find an inventory of all of the building's major systems and components. 

Follow All Regulations

Make sure that your property meets all state and location regulations. For example, you will want to make sure that your commercial property is up-to-date regarding all environmental regulations. However, with the help of a skilled building inspection service, you'll be able to have all your bases covered.

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