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Tips for Shoestring Start-ups

Starting a business is one of the most rewarding paths to financial independence. Being your own boss provides you with unparalleled freedom to pursue your passions and make your own way in the world. Sadly, many people never take the leap because they have convinced themselves that launching a business is prohibitively expensive. While we would never say that entrepreneurship is easy or cheap, it can be done on a shoestring budget! The tips and tricks that we provide on this site will prepare you to embark on your entrepreneurial journey no matter how large (or small) your budget. Keep reading to discover the knowledge you need to enter this exciting new world.


Four Questions To Help You Decide If You Need A Courier

Shipping packages and mail is a core part of just about any business. If you routinely send parcels through the mail service or with a major carrier, then it may be time to consider delivery via courier instead. Courier services can be found just about everywhere nowadays, from major metropolitan areas to small towns. Although couriers aren't necessarily the right fit for every package delivery, they offer significant advantages in a wide range of use cases. If you are thinking about contracting with a courier, ask yourself these four questions to determine if a courier delivery will work for your business.

Do You Need Same-Day Delivery?

Major carriers now offer same-day delivery service in a range of markets, but this is an area where local couriers often excel. Couriers are intimately familiar with their service area and can usually get parcels delivered exceptionally quickly, often within an hour or two. Most couriers will also provide quick pick-up services, allowing you to get critical documents or packages dispatched without working around the schedule of a larger carrier. If you routinely ship same-day parcels, then most services can work with you to arrange for a scheduled pick-up time so that all of your packages can go out at once.

Do You Need a High Level of Security?

Whether you are shipping legal documents or sensitive financial information, most couriers pride themselves on providing a high-security service to their clients. In fact, using a courier is often the best way to deliver time-sensitive and secure documents to your business partners. Many legal firms contract directly with couriers to provide back-and-forth service so that materials can be signed, notarized, or returned in a single business day.

Do You Need a Close Personal Relationship With Your Carrier?

The large carriers can provide fantastic service to equally large companies, but what about small businesses? Many small business owners feel that large carriers provide service that is too impersonal or that doesn't fit their unique needs. Working with a local carrier is an excellent way to develop a close business relationship with a nearby company. Not only does this mean service that is more closely personalized to your business's needs, but it also means customer support that's available whenever a problem arises.

Do You Need Pick-up or Drop-Off at Unusual Times?

Finally, many couriers in major metropolitan areas offer around-the-clock service. This type of service can be a lifesaver if your business operates during unusual hours, or if you deal with clients that need to receive materials outside of regular business hours. In some cases, couriers may even work with you to schedule routine pick-up times outside of normal hours.

Although there's undoubtedly a place for traditional shipping methods, be sure to ask yourself if a courier is a better fit the next time you need to send packages or documents. You may just discover that a local courier will provide faster, more secure, and more cost-effective service.